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16 avril 2013 @ 15:53
little fucker with the ip address  
to the person who tried to hack my account, fuck off. you're not getting it.
gemma: tvd; katherinecranmers on le 16 avril 2013 15:53 (UTC)
omg. you're alive!!!!!!!
x: .youngkidsinlovesaint on le 16 avril 2013 16:19 (UTC)
hey!!!! i haven't talked to you in ages :D how have you been??
i haven't been on lj in aaaages but i got this email today saying that someone had requested to change my password or something :/
gemma: tvd; katherinecranmers on le 16 avril 2013 21:41 (UTC)
i know, right?! crazy. i love your icon!

i'm okaaaaay. at uni now. how about you?

ughhhhhh @ the hacking thing. fucking annoying.
x: .youngkidsinlovesaint on le 17 avril 2013 17:39 (UTC)
Thanks :D

Oooh which/studying what? Im applying for unis this autumn, got my AS exams coming up soon so im really stressed at the moment! :(

Ahh yeah i was so scared they'd actually hacked it cause the email i got was in russian so i couldnt understand it lol
tiffymoo: poisoned womantiffymoo on le 17 avril 2013 06:09 (UTC)
Hello! Haven't seen you around lately or anyone for that matter
x: .youngkidsinlovesaint on le 17 avril 2013 17:40 (UTC)
Hey!!! Yeah i've just been so busy with school and stuff, i've got exams coming up in less than a month so i'm so stressed out. How have you been??
tiffymoo: a prisoner of historytiffymoo on le 18 avril 2013 02:48 (UTC)
same lots of exams:( remember when LJ was filled with icon posts? haha nostalgia
x: .youngkidsinlovesaint on le 18 avril 2013 19:54 (UTC)
omg yeah hahaha god sometimes i look back through and feel all nostalgic lol
i've got 8 in end of may/june but yeah ugh just been trying to revise. i'll be done by the 4th june and then i'll be free for the summer, i really can't wait. i want to get into shape again/eat healthy/lose weight/READ BOOKS do normal things which i haven't been able to do cause of school. and ahh i have to apply for uni this year :((
240596448 on le 09 octobre 2016 07:07 (UTC)
to the person who tried to hack my account fuck off you're not getting it